Updating website, using a new domain

What is the standard protocol when you redesign a website with a new domain name in regards to your old domain?

Do I need to somehow redirect all traffic to any of those old links to the new website’s URL?

Is it as easy as that? Or is there more to it?

You can redirect all of the traffic from the old domain to the new one using a 301 redirect. The easiest way would be to set up a htaccess redirect for the domain and use the same tail-end url structure for both sites.

The old domain is through a different registrar than the new one…Do both domains need to be with the same registrar?

more information…

The old domain and website files are with one registrar/host and the new domain and website are with another registrar/host.

Will this setup make the 301 possible? I obviously want to get rid of the old hosting package so I don’t pay for it anymore.

I wanted to clarify…

The OLD site is a tripod hosted site: http://domain.tripod.com

The NEW site I own the domain.

Both sites are hosted separately, and are essentially operating independently of each other. The OLD site has been around for several years, so it would be nice not lose any of the rankings it’s gained.

How do I preserve the old site and have any traffic that goes to it automatically forwarded to the new domain?