301 re-directs - Who does these?


I have decided to move away from my current web designer and host and go with Word Press and a completely new web host.

I am going to use a new brand specific domain name (my company name) instead of my current keyword domain. I want to work on brand recognition and move away from any customer disconnect with my brand.

I know I need to do some 301 re-directs but does my new web host or old web host handle this (or both)? Also, I wanted to remove all of my domains from my old web host and transfer to the new host. If we perform the transfer, will my ‘new’ host be able to then handle the 301 re-directs?

I am confused to no end about this.

Thanks for any help!,


I know my host at least, allows me the option to easily add re-directs.

Contact your hosting provider if you’re unable to find it. I don’t know if all providers support it though :).

One thing to note is that any 301 redirects on your old domain will only last as long as you continue to pay the old hosting service. Once you cancel your contract with them, you should expect them to wipe every trace of your site from that domain, including redirects. Depending on the cost, you might want to transfer the old domain to your new host and keep it going, maybe for another year, to ensure that old URLs stay active. You can use that year to track down the most commonly followed incoming links and try to get them updated to show the new domain name.

I agree. Also redirects would be the responsibility of the web master/designer. Hosts offering tech support would probably assist in setting this up tho.

You can ask your provider if they can assist you in this. If not, then you’ll have to do it yourself. It’s not that difficult though.