Recording Flash on a Mac

I was just watching a video - which I believe was done with Flash.

It is very informative, and I would like to capture it so I can watch it again later after they remove it from their website.

How can I capture a video and/or Flash movie on my MacBook and store it as a file that can be viewed again later??

I had a problem on my old Windows XP box that did this quite nicely, but I have no clue how to do it on my Mac.



You do (of course) realise that copying something like that without permission is a criminal offence right? :slight_smile:

No it is not.

As far as I know, downloading something to my local HDD for my personal use and reference is no different than me saving this HTML web-page on my computer. (And technically, everything you view on the internet is downloaded onto your HDD unless it is streaming content. So if you go to my personal website, Alex, and you view my picture, then YOU have stolen my content unless you erase everything - including cache files - off your HDD immediately after viewing it!!)

This may be a gray area, but since I’m not trying to copy, sell, re-distribute, or steal anyone’s work, who cares?!

My intent, though, is to be able to go back and watch this “movie” in 6 months and use it as a reference to maybe learn how to do Flash movies myself. (By them the link will be offline.)

Until the Supreme Court states otherwise, all of this falls under “Fair Use”…


I am using FireFox.

One big problem is that I do not know what the file or stream is?! :-/

Here is the URL…

If you click on the Video tab, I am interested in capturing the video entitled “How Advertisers Use Internet Cookies to Track You”


Think it depends a lot on what browser your using, and what type of video/file your trying to download. If its a .flv there are a few ways to do it, if its streaming you might want to try some of the suggestions here: