How to copy video from the web

Hi all,
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There are various apps, plugins to enable us to copy a video from the web.
With Firefox I use DownloadHelper.

But with the vid at the address below i can’t figure it.[DM]%20[Affiliate%20Program]&Contact0LeadSourceId=395&email=

The video goes for an hour so I’d like to store it to watch later. The second reason is that whatever it plays in on the web has no controls so, though i can pause by clicking the vid i can’t “rewind” a few seconds if I miss something.
Looking at the code I think it is an FLV with javascript constructing the url to the vid for the browser
Thank you.

Some websites don’t allow visitors download their videos, especially those videos made for marketing purpose(like the one in your link), they hide the download link, I don’t think there would be any methods can download the video on that page.

I took a peek with Firebug. It is not a single FLV file but rather a series of encoded requests that are glued together by the Flash player. This one doesn’t look overly easy to grab.

One option, however, would be to use a screen recorder (with audio recording). You’d probably lose a little quality, but that shouldn’t be a big deal since you just want this for personal offline viewing.

Sounds like it is a live stream. What you’d have to do is find something you could point at the same RTMP to record it.

That is probably illegal and definitely morally wrong, if the owners of the content wanted to provide VOD services, they would.

If you use firefox, you can use firefix addons to download videos. you can also use real media player latest version, which allows you to download any video from any web page. If you want to place on web page, you can use emb. code from source.

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