Looking for flash movie recorder

Hello! I need to be able to record ‘download’ the webinar which is available online as flash movie but they have not provided downloadable version.
I just need to save it locally so I can watch it any time on my laptop, even when network connection is not available.
These webinars are free, so I’m not stealing anything, it’s for my personal use only. I’m not going to share or re-upload those files anywhere, So please don’t lecture me that this may violate this and that.

I’m sure there are some good programs that can download flash movies like from youtube and from any other site that streams flash but does not provide downloadable versions.

I hope someone can recommend good program for that.

There are plenty of programs and sites that will allow you do that I have heard DamnVid is capable: http://code.google.com/p/damnvid/

there are so many to choose from, like Orbit Downloader, Jaksta, WM Capture or WM Recorder and the firefox addon Video DownloadHelper, or use urlsnooper to get the url, and download it from the url - or use a screen recorder to record it…

There are plenty of softwares that will help you in this matter. I am using Damnvid and i think it is the best for this purpose. It can convert direct from url or from your local disk.