Recommended photo gallery for Portfolio


I’m ready to create my portfolio, thus I’m looking for some recommendations from you lot for a decent photo gallery on my own company website.

The pictures are to do with property renovations. At the moment I have 4 completed projects, each project is for a different renovation. The idea is to have the portfolio set up with the separate projects laid out and linked to a display of that projects photos. Now the pictures have been taken throughout the renovation from the initial starting phase to the end product, so that’s the idea to display that.

I’m not really sure of what type of layout is best, perhaps a table of the thumbnails which enlarge when being clicked, or perhaps even better a table of the thumbnails on the bottom and a picture at the top that changes on the thumbnail you press and / or changes itself like a slide show.

Any layout suggestions? What gallery does this?


There are lots of nice JavaScript (jQuery) slideshows available for free online. One I like is slimbox2. Another good one to check out is [URL=“”]jQuery Cycle. You could Google “jQuery gallery” etc. to find lots of different kinds of galleries and slideshows.

Thanks Ralph.

Quite like the look of Galleriffic as a FREE jQuery option.

Use one of these 2 annoying Flash Galleries:

I sure hope this answer was facetious. There are a whole lot of better options out there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Slimbox2 is my favorite. I love the different options available for setting up a gallery and it’s so very easy to implement and add/delete photos as needed.

Eh… Thanks… But no Thanks!

Anytime !

Well, just to mention there are lots of Flash galleries available that are more suitable, I thought “simpleviewer” is one of that I see around on much websites.

SmugMug is worth mentioning here as a more complete gallery solution. There is a monthly fee but IMO, totally worth it.

Why do you feel deviantart would be a good solution to this problem?

Sorry, he can’t answer. He’ s left the building :smiley:

<snipped the link> I love this photographer, great friend too. he may post it if you email him.

Coppermine perhaps, create a album under a category for each build. Each album will have its own set of thumbnails, under each intermediate pic you’ll have a film strip containing other images for that set. Image Title, image description and keyword can be added to each pic.

The question is, how to add a photo gallery to the OP’s own or company website, not how to add one to yours or a friends. Please keep your posts on topic and in answer to the question. Promotional posts are not allowed here.

I find jalbum really useful - but depends on what you mean by ‘gallery’

looking at your requirements is suggest jalbum (they have a site you can upload too but here i’m talking about their software you can download) it will generate flattend html galleries with navigation pages, image pages etc, will strip your titles and descriptions from xmp/iptc or you can manually input them. i’ve used it for years, very cable little tool (its free). versatile enough to generate a static little gallery to add to another site or an entire photo based website, either out of the box or with a good bit of tailoring their templates to make it match your current site design. it comes with lots of templates some of which will generate things that look like “annoying Flash Galleries”, lightbox… etc … if you like that sort of thing :slight_smile:

if you are looking for something dynamic (i.e. a cms that allows you to add stuff via a web interface, moderated comments etc) then I’d go for gallery2 over coppermine any day!

I won’t ask why. But I’m curious.

I admit its been 2 years, but coppermine was just under constant security updates and all for horrible “should never have been there in the first place” type issues - from my point of view if an opensource project does not get its act together on security, structure and coding standards around that it will be burdened with problems caused by ad-hoc additions and messy workaround plugins for years to come. gallery2 is much more configurable (although i’m not much of a smarty fan, its a perfectly workable framework and that would just be a personal opinion) I think the coppermine UI leaves LOTS to be desired. anyone had experience with gallery3?

when it all comes down to it id do the entire site in drupal these days, but i’d hardly recommend that idea to someone wanting a simple gallery! (unless it was brochureware then it would be jalbum if it were more than a dozen or so pics)

A lot has changed in two years TBH. I was only curious, as I’m an Admin at <snip> Coppermine Gallery.

I am using Slimbox 2 for a few upcoming portfolios, but there are some other very good jQuery examples mentioned here that I may need to look at before I do some more work. Also never heard of Jalbum but looks very interesting,

[FONT=Verdana]As the OP was ready to create his portfolio last February, I would imagine he’s long since done so, and there’s nothing to be gained by resurrecting the thread.

Thread closed.[/FONT]