Making picture gallery page

I have a link “gallery” on my site. I want to make a single page of flash gallery where I can upload my pictures and when anyone click “gallery” they should be redirect to a page that shows my picture. Is there any site that provides that for free?

Is there any reason why you want to do this with Flash? Flash is dying out and doesn’t work on some devices. From what you describe, this is possible with plain old HTML. But you can also use JavaScript (free plugins) that create very pretty galleries for you.

I agree with ralph.m because flash also slows down the website loading and execution. You can get the same results with java script and html. You can create picture slide shows and gallary with scrolling buttons. Flash sites are also not SEO friendly. I shall also sugest not to use flash for picture gallary.

Thanks! Can you just guide me a little with javascript? I dont know a little about this thing.

Could you give us a better idea of how you want the gallery to work? Then we could suggest an appropriate gallery script to use.

I want a single page with just pictures in any good layout, which looks beautiful. Pictures would be divided into different categories. If someone clicks on category “A”, they can view all pictures in category “A”.

That sounds like a nice job for something like slimbox. You can have groups of pictures with special tags, so that when an image is clicked, it enlarges over the screen, and there are left/right arrows to click through all the other images in that group.

better do it using jquery rather than flash. theres tons of free jquery image galleries you can find online.

Im not sure why my earlier replies got deleted when I just want to help anyway…

like i said in my deleted post, I suggest you use jquery instead of flash for positive benefits that I wont elaborate here.
I suggest you use jquery for your image galleries and theres tons of sites out there where you can get the codes for free.

below are some of them to start with.

hope this helps and if the mods still delete all my posts then goodluck with this forum!

thanks for your suggestion but the odd thing is that I have no time to use codes. Is there any site that provides free service like I need?

What is slimbox? A free utility or something?

Are you looking for a site to host your pictures so that you can just link to them? If so, there are plenty of them about. Try or .

It’s just some free JavaScript code that you past into your web page to provide some nice gallery functionality. But there are many other free scripts online that do similar things. It kind of depends which suits you need best.

As TechnoBear said, there are sites where you can freely upload your pictures. Another is Flickr … and even Facebook. But presumably you want to place the images on your own site? As I said earlier, you can easily make pictures available for viewing on your site without any scripts at all—just plain HTML if you like.

If you want something on your site that is kind of automated so that you don’t have to write any code, another popular option is to use SlideshowPro. It’s not free, but is a pretty nice system.

If you want to keep the gallery on your own site, then you could look into something like Coppermine, [URL=“”]Gallery or [URL=“”]Piwigo.