Video Recording Software that's good for Tutorials

I didn’t know which category to post this but I’m thinking of posting a tutorial video of some programing techniques. Do you guys know any off the shelf software that’s really good? Looking for one that I can easily show code, run code, and be able to walk through with the viewer. Any suggestion would be helpful! :slight_smile:

a really good one is camtasia studio from techsmith, i have been using it for many years. it’s kinda expensive at ~$300 but worth every penny. a free one is camstudio but i have not tried it myself. there are several others too out there.

Sweet!! This is exactly what I’m looking for!!! Thanks!!

We’ve always used Camtasia for our own in-house tutorials :slight_smile:

Camtasia is my fav -but they have a free basic service called “Jing Project” that lets you do short, 5 min screen recordings and is very easy to use.

Screenr and screentoaster are two other services that might be worth a look for you too.