Reading Firebug stats Re: file cache

I’m trying to figure out what the HTTP cache settings are for a client’s site. I don’t have direct access to Apache so I researched a bit and found out the Firebug displays cache info for all of the files you’re using (images, CSS, JS…).

Does this data reflect the Apache settings or my local browser’s cache settings? Or is it just gathering data from the server showing when the file was last updated?

I found enough info in my research to know that 200 Status is showing a newly fetched file, and the 304 Status is a cached file.

I know this is kind of vague, and that’s partly why I’m having trouble finding pinpointing the information I need.

Well I think disabling your browser’s caching entirely (a no-cache browser) would help you tell. Or, you’d see what Apache is serving to all “new” visitors.