Need some pointers re apache caching

Hello Scallio,

Apache appears to be caching html, js and jsp files although we have not specified a caching directory. Also our admin is not aware of the utility htcacheclean and this is not available to clear possible caches. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts as I’ve been going in circles.



I’m sorry, but I don’t know the first thing about Apache’s caching’s mechanism, so I’m afraid I can’t help you here.
But hopefully someone else can?

Thanks Scallio. I have a solution which uses the .htaccess file. The only question I have is the location of this file. The documentation says that it is directory specific and must be placed in the web root. In our case we have apache2 as the web server and tomcat as the application server so the application lives in tomcat. So where would I be placing the .htaccess? (The httpd.conf file lives under /apache2/conf).


My guess would be to put it in the root directory but since I’ve never worked with TomCat I’m really not sure. Sorry :injured: