Raster or Vector?


Im wondering what is the best image format for creating simple-ish logo’s.

Im using linux, and I have the choice of GIMP (raster), or Inkscape (vector).

Every body have to use vector graphic for logo/cartoon etc. Because you can enlarge your art from it. Ruster art has a limitation with limited pixels.

my designer uses Vector and his stuff is great

If you know or can figure out exactly how large your image has to be to be effective in advance, go with raster. If you are not sure, or need it at different sizes, go with vector art.

This is a little bit late, but I just wanted to thank you all for making things a little bit clearer :slight_smile:

I would say it depends on what you are using it for. If you plan to use it in multiple media - business cards, website, brochures, etc., or will be sending it to different printers/publishers, definitely go with vector (I think EPS is the standard file format when sending to printers).

Since you mentioned it will be a rather simple logo, I’m imagining simple shapes and font treatments, you should be able to do everything you want with vector. If you meant simple like you’re only going to use it for a website logo and not much more, then it probably doesn’t matter which format you use.

Logos should be synonymous in your mind with Vector.
Partly for practical reasons, but also as a design influence. Good logo design naturally aligns with vector style artwork.

Raster images are rendered using pixels. Vectors are rendered using point and line coordinates. This is why vector images scale without losing quality.

Raster graphics are just bitmap images as far an I’m aware.

In my opinion, it depends entirely on the complexity of what you are trying to create. In the usual cases many people will typically only use font logo’s with a couple of simple shapes to accompany it, which could be easily created in both raster and vector formats (however vector in this case would obviously provide the advantage of scalability). However, if the logo needs a little more to it, then there are alternate methods; for example, you could use both softwares to create one logo. You could create the main logo design in raster, this may be for multiple reasons, such as using manipulation, if the said vector program does not provide such features, and then import into your vector program and ‘vectorized’ them, as they say.

However, for conveniences sake, i typically just use raster software as I am more comfortable with using it and typically only make logos for my own projects. However, if I was working for a client then I would go with vector in case they wanted the logo to be used for multiple purposes.

I guess what i’m trying to say is, use whichever you think would be most suitable for any given situation; as different logo’s may require different things it is always useful to have both raster and vector at your disposal.


I’ve seen different vector arts online and they’re really inspiring works of art. However, this is the first time I heard RASTER. Bit curious about it.

Vector always in my opinion that way when you resize it will not alter and will stay the same quality. Raster would be for less important images and graphics.

Vector is usually better, as you can scale the image without loss of quality.

However, if you need to go with raster (some raster effects aren’t available in vector graphics), make it as large as you can so you don’t lose much in the way of quality if it needs to be blown up.

Thanks ForceFlow :slight_smile:

I just got finished compiling Inkscape and its dependancies…holy cow :headbang: :lol: