just saw this site

some cool logos, but lots of logos look to be pixal rather than vector based. Am I wrong, will some of these simply not scale properly? Or are they vector using mesh gradients and the like?

In what context? Everything on the web will be pixel-based (although some vector formats are beginning to appear). Obviously vector formats scale better, but what are you using them for?

Sorry. If you make a logo in photoshop which is pixal based, and then decided to apply that logo on a larger scale, on say a car, the logo will obviously become pixalated as it is enlarged.

I deal with work where ppl want a logo, that they can put on a business card, perhaps on their car, and also a website. So I use vectors as the majority of the work is print based.

So my question is really a null point I guess. I read their site and they ask you what you want to use it for, if it web or print. SO I guess they would use vectors if you want print.

That leads me to another question. When you make a stroke in illustrator, and the scale the image the stoke is in up or down, the stroke distorts, and is not relative to the image. Is there a way to ‘lock’ the stroke so it is relative to rest of the picture?

You can group all the bits of the image, or even just select all paths when enlarging, and Shift+drag to enlarge everything proportionally. That’s one approach I take, anyway, though I’m no expert.

hmm I group them, but let’s say I have a one point stroke, and I double the size, will this make the stroke 2points?

Also, shift drag is not working for me, I’ve totally disabled it or something. You know how in PShop you can select something and hold shift and drag, that function is not working for me in illustrator anymore! I have cs4

edit just found free transform, being using it for years damn it was driving me nuts!

edit if shortcut has been e the whole time I’ve really lost it!

Someone please tell me illustrator cs4 changed the free transform short cut key!

BTW The stroke scaled but retained its stroke value:( There must be a way!

ctrl+K opens preference menu, where you can toggle “scale stroke and effects” that is what you are looking for, I’m toggling it regularly in everyday work.

Nice tip! Thanks ivancosic, and welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

Boom thanks!

Np guys, you’re welcome. I’m long time lurker, finally decided to take active part in community.

That would be likely. So the best way to work on this one is to choose a right sized logo for your use if you are selecting pixel based logos.