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How well does Google rank sites that use a PayPal Basket Checkout? I am considering using Sage Pay or WorldPay but they charge £25-£30 per month whereas PayPal is free apart from their percentage costs.

I know that an affiliate site that send customers to the affiliate site (without very good content on the page) will not rank in Google.

Is there a rank improvement from having a PayPal basket system compared with a Sage Pay or World Pay account instead?

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I think you are looking at the wrong aspect of this.

Many people have heard of Paypal and a lot of them have an account as are prepared to use Paypal to buy things.

Most of these have never heard of Sage Pay and World Pay and so do not have an account and would not consider using these services.

If it is going to make a difference to search engines which payment methods you offer (and there is no reason why it should) then they would give preference to better known payment methods such as Paypal.

I think that depends on where you’re based. Sage Pay and World Pay are very common and popular payment processing services in the UK. (They simply process card transactions; there are no user accounts involved.) Personally, I would prefer to pay with either one of them than with PayPal.

I cannot see why your choice of payment processor would have any effect on your Google ranking. I could understand them ranking you lower if they detect you have an insecure or suspect system, but a choice between well-known and well-established providers shouldn’t make any difference.

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That’s right. In fact, they are common throughout Europe, not just the UK. I’d add that customers are not usually aware that they are paying through one of these systems, at least not at the point of making the decision to buy. I can’t imagine many cases where the customer researches the purchase, chooses the product to buy, adds it to their basket, but then backs out at the last minute because the payment is being made through a third-party processing service.

But to answer the original question, none of this is relevant to SEO. There are many factors to take into account when choosing a payment vehicle - and some of them could be vitally important to your business. But SEO is not one of them.


In which case which one you use will be completely irrelevant to real visitors and even less relevant to search engines.

The only difference effectively becomes one of either people giving Paypal their credit card number once or giving a payment processor (Paypal, World Pay or Sage Pay) their credit card number separately for every purchase.

Only where you need an actual account with the payment provider does it make any difference to the buyer which one you use.

I agree that Sagepay and Worldpay are both very common here in the UK so shouldn’t be viewed with any degree of suspicion. There are a fair few alternatives too such as securetrading.com and PayPoint, so it all depends on which one you put your trust in, and will offer you the best deal depending on your volume of sales.

As mentioned earlier, most customers won’t even realise the payment service provider who’s processing their transaction, they’ll just be entering their card details.

The question was asked four months ago, and the OP has never returned to the topic. There seems to be no benefit in reviving it now.

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