Ranking for Well in SERPS....now what?

Ok so I grabbed a website with keywords in the URL and I rank very well in the Search Engine Rankings…but I have a dilemma.

The site is Honda Certified Hybrids and people come to the website looking for Honda vehicles…

All I have is content with adsense…and I make a few bucks…but how can I get vehicles on my site?

I was thinking about getting an Ebay plugin that shows car listings…this is a Wordpress site so there are some good plugins out there

My question is should I plop down $100 on a plug in and have listings? If I do this…I know people will click these.

But what kind of money can be made through Ebay’s affilliate program?

Am I better off just optimizing better for adsense?

two questions:

  1. Why do you have a web site?
  2. What do you hope to achieve with it?

Another MFA question. Search engines are pretty clear by saying “provide useful resource” that automatically attracts qualified traffic. Qualified means converting. Its highly possible that you may be ranking for key phrases that nobody is searching for. Also, hardcore MFA sites usually don’t convert, or have low “returning visitor” rates. Try your best to refine your approach. Try your best to become a “help” to the customers and not the other way round.