Rackspace to not have traffic stats - requiring customers to install their own?!

I just got this ticket from rackspace saying google is pulling the plug on urchin. This is outside of rackspace’s jurisdiction, I understand - the thing that really chafes is that they not giving us an alternative other than us customers installing google analytics - I have over 100 hosting customers! This would take HOURS upon HOURS to do.

More than ranting, I ask that everyone who is a rackspace customer to complain to rackspace out this - I see this as highly unprofessional. Reply to their ticket and let them know you feel this is unacceptable!

Thats the reason its best to have Cpanel hosting you get Awstats , webalizer,bandwidth checker everything pre-installed with every Cpanel account you setup.

You can retrofit analytics on to a domain using various apache tweaks quickly e.g http://drawohara.com/post/39866891/apache-using-mod-substitute-to-apply-google-analytics
Alternatively, why not install a stats package? It’ll only take 10 minutes.

Please consider installing web statistics software like Urchin, Awstats or webalizer in your server that would save a lot of time.