My experience with IPOWER, yours?

I host a few websites with Ipower, even though i dont have anything major going on those websites, what i do know, its really slow. Alot of times pages wont even open and they go offline alot for some reason. They do have 24/7 customer support and most of the time they have live chat support, based on my experince, the tech support people arent really trained good and it takes forever to explain something.

No cpanel, they have Vdeck which i really hate. No stats that you can check, i mean they do, but it doesnt work, if you want premium stats, you will have to pay a few bucks extra a month.

Transferring files via FTP takes forever, connection time is long and it times out many times before it connects. Sending a file that is 20 MB is size takes a while and it will disconnect about 3 times.

I use siteground for my main website, really fast, ftp works great, 100% uptime, no complaints except that they dont have 24/7 live customer support only 24/7 email support.

Did you guys have any experience with ipower or siteground?

I hosted with ipowerweb for a couple of years a while back. The final straw was when they recompiled PHP without some, what is generally considered to be “usual”, extensions (i.e. gd and mcrypt among others), and my site “broke”. I tried to explain to support but it was like we were talking different languages. After I was into the move they must have figured things out because the extensions again became available, but I followed through and made the move anyway.

I use siteground for my main website
Good to hear they’re doing a fine job. What type of sites are you hosting there, and how much traffic do they get? Do they still have that “no full cpanel backups” policy in place?


100% uptime
It must be Murphy’s law or something. I was browsing their site and it suddenly went non responsive, and then started to shoot blank pages.

(230 bytes page size)

I have about 5-7 web design clients on their site. Everything runs pretty smoothly, except they make you change your password constantly, and its hard to keep track of all these for different customers. Also, I have been running into a problem where I can’t login to a clients account for hours or days at a time, setting me back, making my clients mad (who don’t understand its not my fault), and causing me to loose money on this wasted time. They used to be real good, but they are starting to slip.


Sounds like time for a new host (and/or VPS/dedicated).



I am currently having problems with a redemption that they caused, and accuse me of approving payment to remove from redemption. Their system and support is junk. I am moving all my customer sites of their servers onto Bluehost.

They were great 7 years ago, but the last couple of years have been a mess and pure pain.

This has been my experience, also. More frequent problems, useless support people. A couple of weeks ago, whenever I saved or transferred any file over 64 bytes to either of my sites, it got emptied. Only when I narrowed it down to the byte–64 byte files saved okay, 65 byte files didn’t–was support able to help.

This week’s problem is that a large percentage of the web service calls from my site to various places outside of ipower are failing or getting blocked. The support people keep trying it once–or trying something that isn’t the problem at all–and closing the tickets. I’ve described the problems in detail, sent screen shots, and created little test programs to demonstrate the problem, but they keep closing the tickets.

Moving is going to be a huge pain, but I think I’m finally going to have to bite the bullet.

Moving is going to be a huge pain, but I think I’m finally going to have to bite the bullet.

It is especially bothersome to move out of hosts using proprietary control panels, even more so for inexperienced webmasters. I think this can be an important factor explaining why people sometimes put up with imperfect or even rotten service, and why bad hosts don’t necessarily disappear.

Good luck with the move!

I was with iPower for 2+ years and they were the worst host I have had in 12 years of administering websites. The servers were slow and unreliable. At one point, they ran a “cleanup” script across their servers that accidentally wiped out 1/3 of their clients’ websites and restored backups from 3 months prior. The support was awful as well - slow and clueless. I would recommend that you stay away from iPower and the 101 other names that Endurance operates under.

The Endurance International Group, Inc.
Easy CGI

* List courtesy of the Better Business Bureau

Here I was wondering why 7 hosts sent me identical newsletters this week.

The beauty of being 7 times the affiliate of essentially the same company? :slight_smile: