Rackspace Cloud

anyone is using rackspace cloud for hosting? how well it works?

Works fine. There are similar services that offer more for less money.

New member here. Can you list a few? I am looking for hosting to do three distinct things:

  1. Host WordPress and Drupal sites
  2. Host static HTML sites
  3. Development environment for projects using PHP (symfony, FuelPHP or Laravel with mySQL or some noSQL data layer)

I am currently using the (dv) service of mediatemple and want to see if there is a better price/performance alternative.

Thank you for your time in replying.

The best known alternatives are probably amazon ec2 and microsoft azure. The basic technology they are using behind the scene is virtualised servers, if you don’t require the overall package of cloud services that these platforms provide e.g cdn hosting, load balancers, auto scaling, then a normal virtualised server (vps) provides much of the flexibility with generally a lower overall cost, as an allocation of bandwidth is generally included rather than charged separately. There are a huge range of vps hosts at all price levels, one I would recommend are Linode who have a good balance between quality/value and capabilities.