Please critique my first attempt at Mobile App Design

Hi there,

I am currently putting together a portfolio for UI/UX design jobs and I wanted to know if I am on the right track.

Please if you would look over the mobile app pages that I put together and be brutally honest about what works and what doesn’t - I will never get better unless I can learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for your critiques.

All the best,


It’s not really clear what you are presenting there, so some explanation would help.

Also, I’m on a retina screen, and the images are blurry, so I’d recommend some further optimization of the images. Here’s the technique I use:

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of UI/UX that’s usually associated with mobile apps - just some images with text underneath? Maybe I’m missing something, sorry if that’s the case.

Well, I did the mockup on Invision and the idea is that you would click on a section of the altar - being the jump page and it would take you to the following pages where each object would be explained. Would that qualify as UI/UX? Or should there be more to it?

Thank you Ralph - I was having the hardest time with that. I tried to optimize them the best I could in Photoshop without making massive files. With this in mind - what would be the best file size for mobile apps across the different operating systems?

I see now, thanks for clarifying.

I’d say that the items on the altar themselves are quite small and it’s hard to see which are clickable and which aren’t - maybe you could outline or otherwise highlight the clickable items so they are more obvious as “buttons”?

I found the information included in your mockups informational and definitely learned things I didn’t know before, so thanks for that! :smile:

I assume you means what’s the best file size for mobile devices to be able to see the images on this page, rather than in the app itself. As small as possible, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: That article I linked to gives an interesting perspective on this. If you make the images huge, but lower the quality significantly, they end up looking good even on retina devices when displayed on screen at the desired size.

That’s where I got stuck Tom - I didn’t know how to best show that on such a small screen. When you say underline - could you tell me a little more about that?

Thanks and thanks.

Outline rather than underline - i.e. have a coloured border around the clickable area so the interactivity is a little more obvious.

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