Question about web breadcrumbs

Hello all,
I have a question about web breadcrumbs for buttons. If you have a navigation bar with A, B, C, D E, and you go to button C, should not the button C no longer be there since you are on that page? What is the rules on this? I made the button C go away but I had A, B, shift over and put HOME at the beginning.
What are you thoughts?

I should have known that. Thanks Karpie.

Something like [A] > [B] > [C] > [D] > E if you’re on page E? E should always be there, but not clickable. If you click to page C, then it should be [A] > [B] > C.

let me guess… sitemap?


No! I’m talking normal navigation. Breadcrumbs, as a rule of thumb, link UPTREE – in other words to pages the user should already have visited or at least been able to drill down to through existing pages or the menu. If the user using normal navigation of the menu or links in the content/sidebar/what have you not be able to navigate to a page on a breadcrumb list, then it’s one **** site design.

It’s why sitemaps are considered redundant by many developers… as are breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a handy tool to go branch back through the tree, it should NEVER be there as the only means of reaching a page it lists!

… and that’s WHY the use of it for SEO is ******** – there are only two things it could possibly provide for SEO – meaningful text for the link or linking to a page not already linked to elsewhere on the site. The first one should be like putting a title attribute on a anchor, if you have to do it, you have the wrong content in your anchor. The second possibility if it comes up means the site in question has the most dumbass navigation on the planet.

this is not true

just exactly how does using breadcrumbs affect SEO?

breadcrumbs are good for SEO as well … because the site with no breadcrumbs have bad ipact when you do SEO for your site … so it’s always advisable and highly recommended to use it :slight_smile:

The THEORY is that it gives you a link to all the pages in the tree…

The problem with that theory is that every page should already be linked to via another means – and you only need ONE link to a page for the search engine to find the page when the site is indexed… blowing that notion right out of the water.

Unless of course the sub-pages in your breadcrumbs are only linked to IN the breadcrumbs – and that would be a pretty damned stupid design.