Have should use breacrumbs in seo

hi all,
have should use breacrumbs in seo?

Breadcrumbs - Webmaster Tools Help

Breadcrumbs are good to use. They help the user to easily navigate through your website and helps create easy links within your site that works well for strong internal linking of the website. They help in making your website more functional for both search engines and users. Making your website more visible in the search engines, it helps in increasing conversion rate and hence sales for your website.

First of all, read this Google’s post,
Official Google Blog: New site hierarchies display in search results

See, if you have a well structured site, this should influence your rankings and breadcrumbs is one good way of telling this to search engines.

Breadcrumbs is important in seo as it helps to provide a quick navigation guide for search engines on where to go after done crawling one page. It also helps to refer visitors to the links that come with breadcrumbs to bail them back to the homepage.

Breadcrumbs navigation particularly enhance the interlinking structure of your website. By using the keywords as your breadcrumb links, it helps to improve the content relevancy. And thus improves the search engine ranking.