Question about the Javascript language, its difficulty lies in misunderstanding

Hello everyone, I sometimes practice some questions on various topics, in the last few years I have received a lot of questions about programming, initially I convinced people that this was a waste of time, but there were a lot of them, I decided to figure it out too, I came to the conclusion , that there is no such education that would be understandable for people to begin to at least somehow understand Javascript, for example, 50 people who start learning this language, no one can understand it, of course I had to read a lot and draw a conclusion, that the language is not successful, since there are many other similar languages, if a student starts learning layout, he understands it and there are no others like it, the question is, where can you ideally learn Javascript, but only for free or is it impossible?

If there is no such education that people can begin to understand Javascript, noone would be able to use it.
People can use it.
Ergo, there exists an education that people can begin to, and go beyond, understand Javascript.

I find your conclusion flawed.

The language is a primary component of web browsers, to the point that every major web browser in the world has an implementation of the javascript engine in it. I would not call that unsuccessful.
Again, I find your conclusion flawed.

Every person is going to have a different “ideal” way to learn Javascript. Some learn best by doing. Some learn best by reading. Some learn best by seeing/hearing. Combinations and variations abound. So there wont be one global “ideal” way to learn Javascript.

Javascript is free, because again, its included in every major browser, and those are free. You can type javascript files and run them in your web browser for absolutely zero cost. There are many, many tutorials out there, also for free, that can teach you Javascript. Some will require some foundational knowledge of programming; others will attempt to go from the absolute zero knowledge position.

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All computer languages are based upon pendantic logic.
To program computers requires abstract thought and tracking multiple threads of data.
You need to be able to visualise the variable identifier with the physical object or property together and seamlessly swap between them. Not unlike being multi-lingual and being able to converse in all languages, changing languages when e language expresses the thought better than the others.
Maybe your brain is not wired the way necessary for computer programming.

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I noticed a long time ago that my brain is wired differently for programming, I never understood it, but when hundreds of people come with the same questions, despite the fact that everyone studied programming somewhere, but in fact they don’t understand the syntax of writing Javascript, he says that there is no school where they will teach at least 30% of its understanding, or it is simply not a good language, or it was deliberately difficult so that people would not understand, since a person should understand this if he studies for a year - two, but I see that it doesn’t work out,

You see hundreds of people come with the same questions, and how many dont come with those questions?

If it were a 100% failure rate, you’d have a point. But it’s not. We’ve had this discussion before. You are extremely hyperbolic in your statements. You may not be able to understand it from the lessons you’ve seen/read, but you’re not everyone.

An average person with a basic understanding of programming who takes, reads/watches/whatevers and understands a basic javascript tutorial, can write javascript. Maybe not the best javascript ever, but they can write and understand basic javascript, probably in an hour or two.

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All the time you keep telling yourself that Javascript is useless and that you cannot understand it, you know what - you will learn nothing.

You need to change your thinking and accept that Javascript is what it is and that you can and will learn it. Then perhaps, you’ll start to learn.


But it is such much easier to give the guilty to the language then to yourself :slight_smile:

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Why do I need to know how many don’t arrive? Just like I’ve never seen an unusual project with Javascript, it’s already a problem for me if 1 person doesn’t understand something, and if there are hundreds of them it’s already a disaster, but I always see what they’re telling me, it’s just something you need to understand, etc., but I haven’t seen more than one successful person working only with Javascript, helping others, for example, charity or something useful like this has never happened before, I always declare something not successful or not in demand without a future, I give time for themselves for people to realize that this is really not necessary, and not make decisions that it is bad because it is bad)), there should be facts for everything, and if someone supposedly knows that it is easy, but cannot present the material, this and there is stupidity.

There is no need to learn a language without a future, since it is very complex, the base does not teach anything in this language.

So let me make sure you’re good with this.
Nuclear physics is a disaster.
Cars are a disaster.
Microwaves are a disaster.
Your local political system is a disaster. (and yes, that statement applies to every political system everywhere.)

So Facebook doesnt use Javascript?
Or this site you’re using right now?

Try again. Failed argument #7.

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JavaScript is very easy to learn and is pretty powerful even from a graphical stand point. It’s free and JavaScript’s language is very similar to other programing languages and even spawn off other languages. This is the latest webpage that I did in Vanilla JS -

It can be quite pleasant when you stop banging your head against a brick wall.

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Nuclear physics is a disaster.
Cars are a disaster.
Microwaves are a disaster.
Your local political system is a disaster. (and yes, this statement applies to any political system everywhere.)
all this is studied in institutes where the teacher has education on this topic, it doesn’t happen that in a group of 100 people no one understands something, maybe only 1, and then if you sometimes missed a lesson, you go to extremes, because you see for yourself that Javascript is not a finalized language for people to fully understand,
So Facebook doesn’t use Javascript?
Google? this is a team of many people gathered around the world, if you study one thing from childhood, they are already professionals, and we come to adulthood, already having a lot of things of our own, from you I only see no solutions to such issues, but we need to be able to solve them, and this is the correct way to blow materials,

I dont understand what you’re trying to accomplish here.

Javascript is an established, and frankly VERY easy to learn language compared to many out there.

If you struggle with that, I’m sorry for you. But your excessive self-defeating hyperbole does not inspire anyone to help you. I would suggest you look at working on that rather than your inability to learn a programming language that thousands/millions have learned quickly.

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Of course, I haven’t seen anyone who could learn this, so let it be what you think))

You’re talking at least 6 people in this thread that disprove your statement.

You have walked into a mechanic’s shop and stated “Noone knows how to repair things.” While the mechanics are all standing around… repairing things.


I can imagine how complex your code would be to make it work like that)

I don’t mean to be mean

I have to remind myself of this from time to time.


Well, yes, they repair only then nothing doesn’t work, but at least they do it there, but here it’s impossible to understand the logic,

)))) I didn’t say that I’m smart, but judging by how many people and everyone is shouting how Javascript works, I’m also with most people and I don’t understand either. The books don’t give anything, the database doesn’t solve anything, the question is how is it teach if something is not clear?