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Hi, I have been trying for over 1 month to understand the basics, I guess I have been working over 100 hours, but I dont feel I have learnt anything. I have tried freecodecamp, w3schools, udemy, scrimba, youtube, books, but nothing seems to work for me.

People say build things. But how can I build things when I dont understand the very basics? Watching people and writing the same things, and try to change a few things obviously dont work for me.

The only thing I feel I have learnt is variables, for loops, DOM, if-else-else if, functions… and i guess I just can the very basics of it. How can I move forward? Feels like I im stuck in the wall.

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Did you practice the code in the first chapter of a book to get it down before going on to the next chapter?

Udemy and Linda both have structured courses.
The courses often have a few of the first chapters free.
If you are ignorant of the basic keyword usage and the way it works you will spend a lot of time googling.

Fun thing is, the more proficient you get at a language, the more time you spend googling :wink: There’s like… an inverse bell curve. You start by googling everything because you know nothing. You slow googling as you are learning the language because you’re following a class or book or some form of tutorial. And then you start googling more as you start to expand beyond it and need references.

The real measure is what you’re googling, and not how much.

Well, then… what does? You’ve obviously had some education, so you must have some idea of what works for you learning-wise.
Is it that you’re changing things, and you break it, and you don’t understand why? A glance over this forum for the number of “What did i break here” posts would probably hint that a good way to resolve that would be to try it, break it, try to fix it yourself, and if you can’t, come ask.

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There is a big problem with education by google. Google results first are paid for; not worth reading. Then those posts that they have served up the most before. That means that the newest posts are last in the list of results. JavaScript is evolving which means that when searching you need the newest information, not the oldest.

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I would suggest you look at what SitePoint has to offer:

Agreed. Which is why those results are marked as paid for, and you should skip them.

Not necessarily true. Google does factor in the date of publication, otherwise you’d never ever find something in the last 10 years on the first page of a google result.

That said, Google is aware of this also, and provides mechanisms to assist; you SHOULD also be using the filters that Google provides in its search results; usually I set it to show me results from the past year. That way, I know i’m getting the latest results.

Again; the tool isnt a bad thing. How it’s used…

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