Question about layout and history

I’m having the following issue, if you go to my website and click on one of the frontpage images you go to a page.

Then you can click on 4 images at the bottom of that page and it shows you a different image.

The issue is the pages are separate HTML files and so they go into the history stack, but I would like to have the user go back to the very frontpage when he clicks his back button on his browser.

Any suggestions on how I could achieve this?

Thank you!

Site link:

Ever heard of Hansel and Gretel ;), use breadcrumbs

No argument. Any ideas on how I could achieve this?

Then your design is badly broken and you should redo it.

I’m not going to snarl like Ed :slight_smile: but I’m going to agree with him. If the pages are indeed fouling up the back button’s function, then that tells me there’s a design flaw (or a conceptual flaw). I’d rethink how you’re structuring this site instead of trying to take over the back button’s functionality. Or just not worry about it; the back button takes me back through the previous pages with no problem. I don’t see a problem moving back through the history like that.

The very best way to drive users away from your site is to mess with the “back” button on their browsers. Or if not the very best it is right up there. I’m not saying that you want to drive people away from your site, but if you did, messing with the back button is about the best way to do it.

Your visitors are not stupid and if they press their “back” buttons it’s because they want to go back to the previous page, dammit! Not some other page that you see fit to impose on them.

Giving them a lnice prominent visible ink to your home page is easy to do and done all the time. Do that.

I absolutely agree with you in most circumstances, but this is by design.

The 4 images on the page per project, are supposed to be transparent.
But since they are different html pages in reality, they get bunched up in the back button’s history.

It makes more sense to go back to the front-end when you hit that back button than it does to go back to the previously clicked image.

There is a home button top left there already :slight_smile: