Tutorial for a back to previous page button pls?

hello folks
Can you point me to a tutorial on creating a simple button that will take the user back to the previous page?

Why do you need that? Every browser has that already—and people know how to use it. :slight_smile:

ui accessibility/ease.
I want to incorporate one in the navigation.
Possible? how hard is it?

It is really easy. Here’s all the code you need:

that will put back buttons in about half a dozen or more places in every browser so that the person using the browser will find it where they prefer it to be.

felgall! Your invisible code is a bit above my skill level :slight_smile:
not yet ready to code in invisibles.
btw this is for wordpress but i’d try it…

Hehe, that’s what the browser back button is for. It’s about the most user friendly / accessible thing on the web. If you start to add back buttons with JS, it messes up the native back button, and users get confused and miserable. So I really recommend you forget about this one. :slight_smile:

sighhh. you are stifling my genius Ralph!!!
fine…will consider something else.