Question about creating content that pops-up

Whether it be images a youtube video, are those things adblockers would normally block anyway?

So, I’m not sure if it makes sense to even bother creating it.


Never created code like that before, where something opens on page load, like a video, but have seen it on websites.

Didn’t know or wasn’t sure if adblockers block all things completely, no matter what it is.

From what AI has said, adblockers know what an ad is and what an ad isn’t.

From AI:

Ad blockers primarily target ads on websites, such as banner ads, pop-ups, and video ads. They typically do not block images or videos that are not considered ads. Therefore, images and YouTube videos on a website would not be blocked by ad blockers unless they are specifically identified as ads.

If you are considering creating content like images or YouTube videos for your website, it is unlikely that ad blockers will interfere with their display. Users will be able to view and interact with these elements without any issues caused by ad blockers.

Creating images and videos can be beneficial for your website as they can enhance the user experience, improve engagement, and convey information more effectively. Visual content often plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining visitors. So, it is definitely worth considering creating these types of content for your website.

adblockers think they know what an ad is and what it isnt.

Most ads follow a traditional form… a block included from mostly known sources outside the current domain. What ads usually arent, is modal content from the same domain. Which is why ad blockers often fail to block things like a coupon for the site you’re on, or the latest sitepoint book offering popping up to tell you to go purchase it. cough.

Ads typically get served from one of a couple dozen “big” vendors, load graphical content, and believe it or not, are usually encased in things that identify them as ad blocks…which makes targetting them easy.

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I should also append to that… to say “they think they know what it is” sounds a bit more snarky than I really intend. It can be hard to identify ad content sometimes, especially if the ad is intentionally trying to blend in - as i’m sure pretty much every moderator on this forum can attest to, even when its done by humans, sometimes telling the difference is hard.