Ad Blocker Plus Workaround Tip

I don’t know if anyone here has ever had an issue with ad blocker plus browser add on messing with your site but I did.

Just a tip here that may save others some pain.

On my site I have a services page for our clients to get help with their rv’s. Since these services are also in our brochure I decided to call the directory that held the images adverts on my rebuilt website.

I was notified by one user that the images were not showing. Never had this issue on the old site.

When I got a screeshot of the issue I saw ad blocker plus was installed. So I downloaded and sure enough recreated the issue. Now testing both old and new site ad blocker plus only messed with new site.

The directory was renamed adverts in the new site, turns out that name was enough to let add blocker plus determime these images to be annoying ads. Simply renaming the directory to something else and changing link path fixed the issue.

Turned out no matter what was in the directory it was blocked. Could have been a pic of a puppy giving a kitten a horse back ride and it would have been blocked.

This may be a test worth running on newly designed sites.


That’s an excellent tip!

I found similar in a site I built a while back, I had a hero image that was wrapped in a DIV with a class of “banner” - the image just wouldn’t appear, eventually I turned off Adblock and wham there it was :smile:

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What was the old directory called? The name? That’s likely the issue.

I had an issue with my old job where we had a series of spotlight images not appearing. Only on my bosses chromebook/tablet/phone. Only he could replicate this issue.

I ended up diagnosing it as adblocker causing it. His class names had the ad word in the class name (even though they weren’t really ads) and adblocker blanket hides those elements. I told him re-naming the classes would fix it.

It’s likely a similar situation was happening here. The directory name was something “ad”-y.

Understandable, since adblocker literally just looks for common ad names in the CSS. Banner is a perfectly common / normal ad container.

Yep, that was what I discovered, I guess the plugin works on assumptions not actual content, which was why I thought about suggesting all new layouts be tested against ad blocker plus weather the dev uses it or not. Who knows what may trigger a block.

My troubled directory was adverts not even the full name just a truncated word.

That’s what I’ve surmised as well :slight_smile: .

Adblocker is thorough :wink: .

They kind of work on both, in the case of Adblock Plus have a look through the filters, in there you’ll see all manner of things that can be blocked such as:

  • class/ID words, many variations of
  • common file names
  • ad serving domains
  • malware domains

Another one I’ve found sometimes that gets blocked are icon fonts for social media icons…

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