Help required with a flash banner

Hello all,

I created a flash banner at Banner Snack and uploaded it to google adwords. After it was accepted it went live on a specific website. I noticed it was receving lots of impressions but no clicks. I then went to the website it was being advertised on and clicked on it, to my surprise my internet explorer blocked the new page (my website) saying it was a pop up.

I then read bits on the internet about making the settings of the banner to anything but _blank, so I changed the settings to every option including _self and tested it. Still the same problem, pop up blocked!

Can anyone help me get my flash banner to act like any other banner on the net and for it not to get blocked by a pop up blocker!

Here is the link to the banner:

So if you can help can it will be really appreciated.

If someone can do it for me I am willing to pay a small fee too.

Thanks & regards,


_self will not initiate a pop up, what is the exact actionscript you are using?

Thanks for your reply.

I have just checked on BannerSnack website and I believe it is AS3, does that mean anything because I will be honest with you, it doesnt to me. I used bannersnack as I do not have experience in banner making.