Question abot using vista

can i use this book with vista? "Build Your Own ASP.NET 3.5 Web Site Using C# & VB, 3rd Edition?

                                                              thanks, dave.

If it’s a version of Vista that includes IIS then Yes. :slight_smile:

PS - this is an ASP Classic forum, not a .NET forum. :wink:

[EDIT - It was - I’ve moved the thread - Mittineague]

using the examples from the book you won’t need IIS since web developer express software to create websites has an inbuilt web server. You might need to install sql server as well.

it should work with vista since visual studio 2010 express has just come out which I use with conjunction with this book and it just only not long been released.

Hope this helps.

btw if you do not have IIS and you would like to require it but do not have windows preffesional version on your computer you can try out mono for windows.

I’m quite certain that you can… Use Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer to help out if you don’t know how to install IIS and other components you’ll need.