Anyone Familiar with Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# and VB.NET?

Is anyone familiar with these books or the technology availabled in the original book verses what is currently available? I have the first edition of the book and I was wondering if it made any sense to buy the lastest edition. I do notice that the first edition isn’t very helpful in setting up IIS7. That isn’t a problem currently since I have VS2010. But some later chapters I may not be able to do because of this.

Are there significant differences in the books and technology? I’ve bought books by the same authors before that the info was exactly identical with just a few changes.


I have the latest edition and I am going through it right now. I’ve only made it through the first few chapters. I set up IIS pretty easily using the instructions in the book.

Let me just say, I had taken a Visual Basic class a year+ ago, and that only taught me the super-duper basics of VB (IIS wasn’t even talked about, I didn’t know what IIS was until this book.) So far this book has explained to me properly what .NET is and the basics of VB AND C# in these first few chapters. I am quite happy with this book and I hope when I finished this book I can be at least a novice .NET developer. I have an Associates degree majoring in Web Development and the degree program only skimmed over .NET and barely covered anything web development related to .NET, and it seems that .NET web development has become quite popular recently and I am finding more job listings for .NET web developers than plain web developers.

So, in summary I find book to be well written. I skimmed over the next few chapters and it seems I will be learning what I want to learn to learn ASP.NET. It would be worth the buy to me. You might be able to get it from for cheap.

…hope this helped… :slight_smile: