Query regarding fund's withdrawal

Hello everyone!
I’ve recently joined this website and I have a question. Can anyone please let me know that whether we can withdraw money through Payoneer or not? Actually, Paypal is not operational in our country so I want to know is there any other option of money withdrawal, particularly Payoneer?
Looking forward to your response.
Thanks in advance.

Their FAQ suggests that payments can be transferred to your bank account, is that what you mean?

FAQ | Payoneer

Welcome to the forums, @shizasadiq4.

Are you asking about submitting an article to SitePoint and getting paid through Payoneer, rather than Paypal? As far as I’m aware, it’s not an option, but you’d be better to contact SitePoint support and see what they say. https://www.sitepoint.com/contact-us

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Yes. I was asking about getting paid through Payoneer. Thanks for the help. I’ll surely contact the customer support.

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