Publishers - How much are you charging for banner ads?


I am trying to get an idea for what I can charge for banner ads on one of my websites. It has yet to launch, so there is no history of analytics to look at to gauge a price - But this site is going to be featured on national television and potentially will instantly have thousands or tens of thousands of followers. I am contacting potential advertisers whose products I want to feature as they are relevant to the topic of the website. I also want to promote those products in blog posts and videos, so it does go beyond banner ads…

Any guidance here on what I could potentially charge would be appreciated


I would contact competing sites and see how much money they are charging.
it should give you an idea on how much money you should charge

My normal advice to people asking about what prices to charge is to let AdSense and other networks run on your site for a month or two, and find the average eCPM you are getting from them. As the networks tend to take around a 50% cut of your ad revenue, it would be normal to double or even X3 the eCPM you have generated with the networks.

Once you’ve set this price and signed up some advertisers you should alter your price by supply and demand - increase the price when demand outstrips supply, and reduce the price when supply outstrips demand.
I wrote a little guide here:

To offer an estimated price before launch would be little more than an educated guess, or without knowing the content niche an uneducated guess - so I won’t venture one here. If you want a rough estimate then look at your competitors - but do remember that brand recognition making a site a “premium publisher” can be worth quite a lot to advertisers - so even then it is difficult to compare before your site has even launched.

I have one site where i charge $1 cpm ads as my 40% traffic is from US. So check your self buy putting an banner ad and calculate CTR. If you get 0.01% ctr charges $0.50 and increase your price by $0.50 per cpm for every 0.01% rise.
like 0.50% ctr then $2.50 cpm rate like.