Company wanting to advertise for a year

I have been contacted by a company wishing to advertise on four of my websites for a year. They want two banner ads on each website. I do not at this time have an accurate stats tracking program (in between webmasters at the moment) so I am unsure what to charge? Any ideas on what to do in that type of situation? Also I am unsure whether banner ads are that effective- would it be advisable to just suggest a text link instead?

Thank you for any help and yes, in this instance, I move from country-writer to country bumpkin because I am in the dark about how to proceed.

are you currently using any advertising network on your website?

if the answer is yes then check your average earnings for the last 6 months and multiply that amount by 2 and that would be your asking price.

personally I do not think it’s a good idea to try to sell a text link

As @Kenmore said, the easiest way to determine a CPM price to charge is to find what you would currently earn and multiply that by two. Do you run AdSense or any other ad networks on your site at the moment?

Most hosting services provide some form of stats, do you have something from Webalizer or AWStats maybe? They may not be as good as Google Analytics, but they are definitely a start…