Protect video files

i am a working on a video site. i host all video files in mp4 form. if i will publish this files just in an embed code, other sites will use that on their sites. but my bandwith will spend. how can i protect my video files?

note 1: flash players dont send referrer
note 2: facebook did this with nginx and http access key module. but my server is apache

As there is no referrer, there is no foolproof way of doing this (not that the referrer is a foolproof idea, but it’s pretty solid at least).

From I’ve read if you want to do it foolproof, you need a streaming server instead of using just the mp4 files, but this idea using cookies looks okay to me as well. Maybe you’ll block some legit users who have cookies disabled but it won’t be many. It’s up to you to decide if that would be worth it.