Best video hosting for protected files

Hey all

I have a customer who has many videos on his website. They are all sent to me on dvd and I optimise them and put them on one of my servers. The urls to the videos are stored in a database and the videos are embedded in the pages dynamically when their respective link is clicked on.

I would rather they sorted the videos themselves and hosted them elsewhere.

The pages the videos are viewed on are password protected and I dont want the videos publically viewable except through their site.

I also dont want the user to have to sign into the pages and then put another password in to view the videos.

Any suggestions as to where I can put the videos and how I can handle this?

Many thanks.


Guys, the type of hosting isn’t really all that relevant to be honest, the methods that you’d use to do this can be done on virtual hosting. One way would be to have the videos hosted externally on a sub-domain, you can set a cookie with *.<> as the realm and then call the videos via a script (on the external server), which checks the cookie, checks the authentication database and data and then sends the video if they are allowed it.


I believe that will be too high fee for him first time

Thanks quality host. I assume you mean if I want to achieve the single password feature.

I’ve been running it all on separate servers for over a year now, but each video has a randomised file name and is in a folder with a randomised name. The way they are embedded they are hard to track as well.

I believe that will not be a problem to find some web hosts designed for that… But they are shared web hosts. I believe that if you get small VPS even while getting started with the project that would be really good for you.

The media has to be hosted on the same site that is streaming it.

My apologies, I dont think I made that as clear as it could be.

The site already exists and the curret setup includes me hosting the videos and linking them to the content on the already password protected pages.

I’m after an alternative system where they handle the video files on someother media host and link the videos themselves, but the videos on the host wont be publically viewable but they also wont need to put in an additional password to see them once logged into the site.

So I would be streaming video through the current site but hosting the media elsewhere.

For video files you could store them above the document root so they’re not directly accessible.

If you don’t want videos to be viewable to everyone you will need some sort of login system so registered site members can see them.

I suppose having dedicated server will be enough. There you will be able to install whatever you need to and other stuff.