Protect Content of my site being Copied

I am running Coupon website with my friend. Now we had got a good Rank on Alexa and lots of followers. But one thing haunt me over these days many blogs I had found who steal our content and publish that to their blogs.

I had tried WP Content Copy Protection plugin but that find of no use as it protects the whole text slection. and We are running a coupon website where users have to copy coupons to use them. if a genuine user want to copy some coupon. they won’t be able to do so.

Also i a while I am starting my another website and some other blogs.

Do suggest me some of the best ways in which I can protect my content to be copied.

Unfortunately, the only surefire way to prevent your content being copied is not to put it on the Internet in the first place. There will always be unscrupulous people who prefer to steal other people’s work than to do their own.

You could try something like the “Blackhole trap” to catch and block bad bots scraping your site.


Thanks for your reply I was searching for this issue whole day. Will try blackhole loop and check for the results.

Love to hear your review of Blackhole once you get results.

I’ve used the Blackhole trap on a couple of sites for a number of years now and I’m really happy with it. (In my case, the bots seemed to be targeting a guestbook, rather than scraping the site.)

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If you are having a real problem with this, you could consider hiding each code behind a captcha. Keep in mind that this will take away a bit from the visitor experience, if they are trying to get multiple coupon codes.

But for someone trying to copy every code on your site it will be an even bigger pain, because a human would have to do it, one at a time, and that captcha will be an even bigger time consuming annoyance to them.

yes this also sounds to be a solutiion for the problem

Data copying is one of the major problems of any website in present time.Here is a suggestion for you that can help yours.

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I know hre are methods to prevent CTRL+C copy-pasting when programmers disable text selection at all…So the single exit is to rewrite the text from the page… t takes a lot of time even if they will steal your text…
The thing you should do is to buy links with ‘quotations’ on your site and then Google will see that your page is more popular that the stolen page… So your page will not loose ranks…
Has anybody else another mothods chacked on practice?

Any method I’m aware of involves the use of JavaScript, so it can be circumvented simply by disabling JS. (It’s also considered bad practice to hijack/prevent the native functioning of a visitor’s browser.)

[quote=“Tete, post:11, topic:206217”]
The thing you should do is to buy links with ‘quotations’ on your site
[/quote]I’m not sure what you mean by that. Could you explain it more clearly? Buying links which pass PageRank (i.e. which are not “nofollow”) is against Google’s guidelines and can result in penalties against your site.

Do you think that buying links will make Google think your site is popular? Google is more likely to penalise sites that buy links.

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Where there is a will to copy, there will always be a way. And bots don’t visit pages in a browser and use CTRL+C to copy. They do it by scraping it from the page’s source.

How do you prevent humans using CTRL+C to copy from the page’s source, when opened in an external text editor? You can’t, so you can’t actually prevent anyone from coping the text that way. Nor can you prevent anyone from saving a page and opening it in a text editor . And if you can’t stop humans from doing that, you certainly can’t stop the bots.

People have been trying to prevent copying of their content for a very long time, and in each case someone has come along and somehow defeated it.

The best you can hope for is to slow them down by making them jump through a bunch of extra hoops to copy large amounts of content from your site. If they can’t use their bots to do it because they can’t access the content without solving a bunch of captchas, they will have to do it manually, one at a time. And they would be more likely to decide it’s not worth the extra time and effort, and move on to an easier target.

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I mean that you can buy link with the text near you anchor as a quotation of your article (1-2 sentences) or Title, for example. In .ru it works.

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I didn’t say to buy links which looks unnatural. But now I see in gambling field that the leaders of the SERP on Highly compeitive keywords have pretty wrong backlink tactics considering your aforementioned opinion…They have a lot of links from forums, blogs (low quality) and bookmarks…
If I began to build my linkbuilding strategy I’d like to avoid such links also (as you`d do) but now it still works…((

That still sounds to me like buying links which pass PageRank, which Google warns against.

@april_b’s practical suggestions sound like a much more sensible way to tackle the problem at its root than merely trying to make your site look more popular by buying links.

Blackhole trap Seems to be effective in Ddos attack but it don’t seems to be the solution of the current problem

Did you look at some of the other articles on the same site? They might give you some more ideas. For example:


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I will look into them.

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