Data protection on blog

Hi ,

i need to set data copy protection on my blogspot blog ?

So please give me some suggestions …?

There is really no way to protect content on the web from people that want to steal it. You can disable right click, but that can be circumvented easy. Your best bet is filing DMCA take down notices to people that copy your content.

Hi use Google Authorship to make sure you get the best weight-age for your original content.

Unfortunately, there is no protection for your blogspot blog site and as long as your site’s content is unique and first submitted by you, there is no worry because Google will penalize those people who excessively duplicate your content.

Yes there is perfect way to protect your content but I will say that DMCA has solved this problem of blogger upto an instant. If you have many articles then only will try to steal your content…and at that stage you don’t need to bother about content stealing because google will never rank them up :slight_smile: