Promoting PSD to HTML business

I started a PSD to HTML business a while back. Right now I am trying variety of ways to promote my business. Started facebook ad recently too. My target audience is Graphic designers that create designs for web sites with Photoshop or Fireworks. What is your opinion for further advertising my site?


There are various ways, such as being active in forums. You could also check out events for designers in your area and go along to meet people. And maybe drop in to design houses in your area and get to know people. Let them know you are around and available. Designers are often looking for people to turn designs into code.

In my experience the best advertising is through simple word-of-mouth. Find out who in your area is in the business of designing and building websites and offer your services there for a cut-price (whatever you’d spend on advertising). Once you’re in and you’ve got some sites under your belt more people will want to use you and you’ll have a steady stream of business coming your way, either under a freelance capacity of directly through your business.

PSD to HTML service is on high demand and it has heavy competition. So it would be better if you do content marketing.

well…i have been doing this business for a while and have done lots of projects, probably 800+ by now, so building portfolio is not a problem. I have some regular clients but I am looking for more ways to market and expand further. I wonder how some of the top providers are get most of the leads from? Is it all word of mouth? Forums? Or what kind of internet marketing is really paying them off well?

dipesh_batheja, I’m interested in this too. Did you have any luck promoting your business? If so, I’m interesting in hearing what you did!


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