Procedure to Market my services online?


I’m a Web Designer / Developer in Scotland.

I’m currently working with an agency but keen to do much more freelance work.

I come looking for advice :slight_smile:
What would you say is a good way about marketing your services online?

Is there a step-by-step process that you tend to follow?

Should I blog more about my services, tweet about them, submit articles, discuss more topics on forums like Sitepoint?

I’d love to have a resource where I can look through a list of ways to promote what I do online and just tick them off on a weekly basis.

Many thanks for your input on this, it’s greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a good plan. Now all you have to do is execute it. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


Here’s what I’m going with:

  • Make business cards and distribute to prospective new clients
  • Send friendly email to potential future clients.
  • Create a number of blog entries and web pages relating to my key services
  • Link building with similar web sites
  • Post articles to article directories and reply to popular blogs
  • Make mailing list for my web site and send out weekly web tips to users
  • Participate more in relevant forums

I’d start with reading some older articles from Andrew Neitlich and also Brendon Sinclair like this one for example and you might also consider the Sitepoint Web Design Business Kit that Brendon authored - there’s some really excellent advice in there!



Marketing your services is the same way a company would market a product. Find out your audiance and where they are. Buy some ads, build a portfolio to show, and start looking for “need a designer” threads on various marketplaces.


Thanks, Jonathan.

I’m sure like most people a lot of the work web developers get in is through word of mouth, but I’m wanting to make the effort to tell people more about what I do.

If there’s any other ideas I can add, please just say :slight_smile: