Programming help

Hello, this is my first time to the site, sorry if thread is in wrong category.

So to my question, I have little too no experience with programming, after reading a couple of threads I’ve gathered HTML is quite easy to learn. But what I actually would like to know is where should I start? With what languages, my aim is to start off with basic websites with the aim to lead onto app development and so on.

step 1: get comfortable with html/css
step 2: learn php and/or Javascript
step 3: pick a mobile platform you want to work with

Thanks for the reply,

What do you think a realistic time frame would be and any books/websites that you could recommend?

Also which do you think is better to do… Start learning by using little projects, or simply reading and trying the code then moving on, and any software which would come in handy

I have made websites in the past but basically no coding was involved used a template and frontpage lol. But suppose curiosity has got the best of be and would like to learn it in the best way possible and time frame is no issue would just like to know what to expect

Thanks again

There are many different levels to Web development. You could start looking for work at a Web company as an assistant loading copy and backing up Websites, etc… The more you learn the more you can do. As for CSS/HTML there are many good books and online resources. It mostly takes a lot of practice. I would focus on hand coding and not using WYSIWYG tools like front page. Depending on how much you worked at it, it might take a year or two to be really comfortable with html/css. PHP and Javascript are more difficult. Just keep moving.