Profanity on pages with adsense?

I have recently started a new site that will feature a blog section from a guy who often uses profanity in his blog posts which are hilarious…

I couldnt see anything in adsense’s TOS about profanity…Are there certain words that are forbidden on pages with adsense?


In adsense tos they talk about “Excessive profanity” I don’t know what is excessive, but it could fall into this…

I think you should contact google before placing their code on your pages just to be safe

If I was in your shoes I would be especially concerned if these conversations were I dont in nature. if you have something like a form, what you can do is add filters that replace some words with other words. that should at least make it a little safer.

I have a blog where multiple people have commented using the F word and have adsense running. Never have run into an trouble or should I say so far!:smiley:

From what I’ve seen, when Google says “excessive profanity” they mean like… George Carlin excessive haha

A small amount of profane words in a blog post should be fine.