I don't know if google will punish me?

i don’t know if google will punish me if i insert google ad code into every article in my blog? In some of my blogs i have many articles but i just have one ad.

don’t do it…they will ban you.

Then you need to read the terms and conditions of the programs that you sign up for more carefully.

You probably also don’t know that you must have a privacy policy for each site that talks about the collection of data and the such that Adsense uses to serve ads.

I did not know this.

I’m not familliar with Google’s current Terms. What do their Terms say regarding ad placement?

You should go to your AdSense account and find the AdSense Terms and the AdSense Localized Terms. Read them carefully.

There is a limit to the number of AdSense ads of various types that you can place on a page. My understanding is that the limit is currently 3 AdSense ads per web page.

So if each of your blog articles is on its own page, it would be ok to put an ad unit (or perhaps even 3) on the page, but if you have more than one article per page, then you should not put an ad in each one because then you might end up with more than 3 ads on a page and would be breaking the rules.

If you are doing this in Wordpress and changing the template then you can put this in the single item template page and it should only show there.

you can have 3 text ads units and 2 link units for a total of 5 per page. But if you accidently have more you will not get punished…Google will simply NOT display the extra ones.