Procrastination is killing me!

Man, does anyone here have a problem with procrastination? For a month now I’ve had this idea for work and my boss was really interested in it but I have yet to do a damn thing on it. I was off from the 24th until tomorrow and I didn’t work on it for even a second. When I finished on the 23rd I said I was going to have a working design by the 5th.
I watched some videos on procrastination yesterday and most stated that if you’re not that into what you have to do you’re going to put it off. The thing is I love web design, not extremely experienced with it, but love it none the less. Maybe it’s just because I don’t know the material and I put it off or maybe I’m just too stupid to learn it. Does anyone else have this problem?

yeah, me

hang on a second while i write up my great story of what happened one day when i decided not to put things off any longer…

I don’t have issues with putting things off, but I do seem to run out of time faster than I can do the work I set out to do. I guess that’s something else :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to the story unless this is a joke about procrastinating :slight_smile: I really am going to try and change because this s**t is holding me back big time.

You need to address the underlying issue of motivation for the tasks you’re putting off, not your procrastination. That’s the symptom, not the cause.

During my school days I learned one phrase ,Delay is dangerous and Procrastination is thief of time.
I usually make sure I complete my work on time and this give me peace of mind. It may happen you may fall sick and someone may not justify your work and may create total mess. So best is to do it right away.

God yes, procrastination is my absolute worst vice!

Especially after a break from work like a holiday etc. I find unless there’s an impending deadline it’s hard to get the motivation going again. I think that setting small goals for the day help - then at least you don’t feel ashamed of yourself!

Create a schedule and abide by it. It’s a very tough thing to do, but it helps a lot. Consistency is key.

hold on a second, i’ll write up my great story in a minute…

to be honest, its just old fashioned laziness, just get off ur backside and do it, when u begin to put titles on why you cant do something ur just wasting ur time and putting it on a pedestal, u start analyzing something that just doesnt need analyzing - just get on with it, end of story.

Aaaaah words of wisdom, Mizwizzy. Yet, I have to say that I fully understand the original poster. I suffer from the same illness and… well, I don’t have much time to think about it, really. I want to be lazy but… they just don’t let me! :nono:

@Rudy: I am waiting for that fantastic story of yours so I can be lazy a bit longer :stuck_out_tongue:

i understand it aswell and we all have times like that but u just pull urself together and move on with ur life :x

I asked my life to move on and… guess what… she says “No” … and I also try to get my put myself together… but it looks like my arms don’t want me anymore… :shifty:

you dont ask it, you tell it, you make it happen :smiley:

I agree. Go make me some tea!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yeah me too sometimes. But for me, it more has to do with motivation.

I love HTML and building websites too. When I have some new idea or new technique bouncing around my head, man I’d be up for days on end, spending literally every waking minute on it.

Whenever I have repetitive stuff to do though; entirely different story. And a lot of commercial web-design is repetitive stuff. Same old drop menu. Same old contact form. Same old login. Same old database connection. Those parts are the killers for me.

The first time was new and challenging. The whole thrill of solving a new problem and the reward of seeing it work! By the fifth or sixth time it’s like, I much rather be playing Word Challenge on Facebook or watching music videos.

Best advice I could give, if the cause of your problem is the same as mine, is to find some way of standardising those repetitive elements. Have some personal default stylesheets, PHP functions, Javascript functions and naked HTML files that you can load up in a minute which will wax off half of your work for you, leaving behind more of the unique and fun stuff to work on.

And if all else fails, as the lady said, just fecking get on with it!


I watched some videos on procrastination

There’s the problem!

Yeah I have this issue massively too. The good thing is that I have fairly tight deadlines, so I generally don’t have too much time to waste before the pressure builds up unbearably.

Me too, I once spent 48 hours without sleep working on something (I was totally losing my mind at the end of that). :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should try to innovate with everything you do, try and put a fun twist on each repetitive thing, it’ll not only keep you enthused but you can then ensure your designs all have a unique aspect about it which will keep your designs fresh :slight_smile:

um, sorry, i haven’t got around to it yet

hang on a bit longer, okay?

The only thing that works for me when I need to do things I’m not overly obsessive about (e.g. boring & repetitive work that needs to be done) is by writing them down in my notebook (paper notebook). I make simple, primitive “todo” lists, one for each day and work myself through those. It takes discipline, yes, but most things in life do.