How do you deal with procrastination

Hey guys,

Do you ever find yourself multitasking (twittering, reading stuff on facebook and forums etc) just because you feel too lazy to start working? So how do you deal with procrastination? What do you say to yourself?

I write myself a to-do list and deadlines for various mini jobs to put pressure on myself.

PS: Starting forum threads to aid your procrastinating about procrastination is pretty funny! :smiley:

Hahahah you got me! :slight_smile:

I ususally sit down and think about it for a while…

I usually wait until the next day and see if I’m in a more productive mood. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get depressed whenever I see a thread that talks about procrastination because:

a) there are quite a few of those
b) I see myself reflected and trying to solve the same problem
c) After such a long time reading these threads, I am still doing it and I haven’t become more efficient.

So the only thing I can do about it is…


I love my job, so when it comes to work, I don’t procrastinate. At least not often.

In my personal life, I wait until if I wait any longer I will suffer from serious consequences. It’s quite effective.

I don’t. I know that I won’t procrastinate forever so I wait till it passes.

Also, I’ve managed to associate the most vital tasks with instant gratification to help the issue (well, actually it happened automatically). So when it comes to work, things just happen.

I don’t :). For instance, I had a 500-800 page paper due at 5:30 P.M. one time (a few weeks ago) and it takes me 20 minutes to get to the college…I started writing it at 4:00 P.M.

Got an 89 (+1 to make it 90 from this bonus point I got)

It’s a gigantic problem for me. I can concentrate well, to the point of obession, when working on things I like. Then I can do 30 or more hours without sleep, even. Unfortunately, that can’t be said of all tasks, so I write down the tasks I find boring, even break them up in smaller pieces just to get going. I can only do things I dislike doing by imagining it was something else or by setting some kind of challenge, game or something else (in my head).

Egads, that’s like 8 seconds per page. No wonder you’re so fast with solving the Rubik’s Cube!

I often just let things go until the last minute. Nothing motivates me and gets the adrenaline pumping like pressure and stress.

Haha, You remind me of me at college, I did an entire piece of coursework which my grade was dependant upon within a 48 hour period (most people spent about 8 weeks on it) and I still managed to get myself an A grade (the highest mark in the group). :smiley:

I don’t have an answer because majority of people has a problem with procrastination.

Hey guys,

I just watched a youtube video about it and it says that the roots of procrastination go back to our childhood where parents and teachers were telling us what to do (giving orders). So basically we have been in a slave - master relationship. Nobody likes to be a slave or a robot so we did our tasks with negative emotions, we were upset about them and it resulted in passive aggressive behavior and procrastination.

So basically we procrastinate when we feel that we “have to” do something. So basically, what this guy suggests, is to start thinking that we don’t have to do anything. While I personally doubt that you can get away with laying in your couch for the rest of your life (unfortunately) it might be a good idea to try the method for a few days because after all procrastination is something that has been learnt, a habit that you can get rid of.

I’ll deal with it tomorrow

This is an enormous problem for me since I work from home. There’s no simple answer - lists work for me sometimes… sometimes they just don’t and I might as well go away and come back later when I’m in a better frame of mind.

Depends on you, depends on your deadlines.

Pft 8 seconds per page…not that fast at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a research paper due for mid term(either doing it on web design or rubiks cubes) and I plan on not starting until the night beforehand :). See! I have a plan :stuck_out_tongue:



I like to stop and think about it!:slight_smile:

Unfortunately my occupation is pretty much a professional procrastinator - Not in the way that I get paid to do it, in the way that I’m so damn good at it that I’m a professional! :wink:

I usually just let my mood go with whatever mood I’m in. If I’m productive then I make the most of it and when I’m on a roll of productive activity I’ll do everything I can to not be distracted and stop. I’ll pump out work like a machine! (I say that because one of my nicknames at college is “The Machine” because when I’m in a productive mood I apparently seem like a machine - None stop work work work at a super speedy rate!)

Yup same here. I go to sleep each night hoping I’ll be in a productive mood the next day because despite procrastinating at least a bit every day, I do always want to be as productive as possible and make the most of every day.

-Hugs- There, there now it’s ok! We all do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love doing college work as I don’t find it hard to do or boring. I love doing Web Design - Every aspect of it, even testing in the Web Browsers to achieve cross-browser compatibility including IE7 and IE8.

I don’t think it’s that other people don’t love their job too, I think it’s that we all love what we do but procrastination simply gets the better of us sometimes and we can’t help it!

Seriously Ryan? Can anyone else do this?..I hope this is an exaggeration…Otherwise I’m rubbish at typing! :eek: :frowning: :bawling:

Same here Malieka. Procrastination is one of the three banes of my life!

Andrew Cooper