Build Your Own ASP.NET 4 Website Question

I just bought the book Build Your Own ASP.NET 4 Website Using C# & VB 4th Ed. and tried to use it by downloading Web Developer and The SQL Management software. When I tried to connect using the management software at the dialog box that is titled “Connedt to server” I got a message saying that the server was not found or not accessable.

If this is the correct forum to ask this question, I hope someone can help if it is not the right forum can some one direct me to the correct one. Does the book have a specific forum?


Did you also get SQL Server Express? It may come with Web Developer but I’m not sure it’s installed by default.

It comes with developer and according to the book get installed when you install developer.

Here is how I have mine set:

Do you have something similar? Are you using {COMPUTERNAME}\SQLExpress?

Thanks, It was the /SQLEXPRESS that was not there by default as soon as I change that it worked.

Cool. Now back to work, you! :slight_smile: