Problems with google ranking https pages of e-commerce site

google used to organically rank our store’s http pages. now it seems they are only ranking the httpS versions of our pages.

this creates two problems:

  1. the httpS version displays significantly less social shares of our products because most people have visited and shared our site while looking at the http version. here’s a sample screenshot:

  2. for some reason the httpS pages are not organically ranking nearly as well as our http pages used to. perhaps that’s because they do not sense nearly as much social activity associated with them? or some other reason?

any insight you can provide into why this is happening would be much appreciated. thanks in advance!

I’d suggest that the social sharing facility you are using may count http and https as different pages?

that is what it’s doing. but that is not our biggest concern. our biggest concern is that the httpS pages are not organically ranking as well as the http pages used to. why is google choosing the httpS pages and ranking them lower?

Did you forget to put 301 redirects from the old http pages to the new https equivalents?

i have not done that becuase both httpP and httpS pages have been live for years. it seems to me i should set the httpS pages to redirect to http. no?

and why is this happening? why is google now giving preference (albeit a lower ranking preference) to httpS pages?

The other way around, surely? What’s the good of having https if nobody can access your site that way? If you’re just thinking about Google, then you could use canonical links.

the purpose of the httpS is so that we can have a secure SSL checkout. but that’s really all we care about in that sense.

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