any reason why we would not be allowed to have a duplicate (secure) version of our site online
and reap the benefits of doubling up all those juciy google SEO advantages?

Sounds like it would halve them to me! Google prefers HTTPS, and dislikes duplicate content (ignoring it, mostly).

exactly my point
HTTPS is preferred so i start with an HTTP version then add the HTTPS version, both being completely legit, and hey presto now the website has doubled in size (but NOT duplicated because they are distinct versions with distinct purposes)

or is there something i am not seeing here?

There’s definitely something I’m not seeing here.

If you want to take advantage of Google’s preference for https, why not just change your site to https? Why keep a second, duplicate, http version around?

[quote=“escocia1, post:3, topic:199478”]
but NOT duplicated because they are distinct versions with distinct purposes
[/quote]If the content is the same, they are duplicates. What are the “distinct purposes” you have in mind? The https version is to please Google; what is the point of retaining the other?

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if the HTTP and the HTTPS content is seen as duplicate by Google then i agree with you
are we 100% sure about that?

Google advise that you choose between the www. and non-www. version of your domain, to avoid the two being seen as duplicates. I see no reason to expect http/https to be any different.

i dont see what www has to do with https, but i do understand your analogy
i recently took on a new site that had both http and https online for whatever reason nobody knows
but they are very well ranked and i am wary about taking one or other offline

Yes, in fact this is common on web servers. You can dedicate a secure area of your site as https (ssl) the other part of the site is http. You can take an example of a member site where before you sign up it runs http, once you sign in, it runs https.

yes but do you have duplicates pages in each of those 2 parts?

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