Problems with access to HTML5 course

I am having problems accessing the materials for the HTML5 course that i signed up for. I have already paid and enrolled for the course. When I click on any of the articles from the lesson dashboard, it routes me to a login page, then to a page not found. I also cannot access any of the forums for the course as well.

Can someone at sitepoint please help me? It is already day 2 into the course and I cannot participate because of these obstacles.

Thank you so much for the response and resolution. I’m looking forward to diving into the course material. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’ve checked out what happened with your registration and it looks like something went wrong during the enrollment process. I’ve completed that enrollment and given you access to the resources.

Don’t forget to complete your CSS3 Live enrollment here

PM Me if you have any more problems.

Looking into it now :slight_smile:

Anybody? Bueller… Bueller?