Problem with Timeline

Hi, I have just switched to timeline- and now if people request
to ‘friend’ me it does not show up on my page. There used to be a
drop down link on the old page and this is no longer there.
I have a large membership as it is a page for information and
support of families of children with Special Educational Needs.
and usually get at least a few requests per day. There
have been no notifications for over a week and people have
commented that I haven’t responded. Could anyone help me please?

If you have a business page instead of a personal page, those requests are in the admin panel above your cover. You can either hide the admin panel or open it. On a personal page, friend requests, events, and other requests are listed as numbers in the left sidebar of your newsfeed.

Thank you - they appeared again today; so i’m guessing it was just a gremlin!


Is this business page same with the old fan page?

I love timeline. Because it help me to show more designing skills.
Timeline cover helps for designer creativity as well

AFIK there are only three types of pages at FB: personal pages, groups, and Fan (Or business pages). While the business/fan page has options, I believe that in layout they are all the same. Here’s a link to the help for pages:

Agree, Fan page are different from business page much more different with Group Page, because in group page you will have to join with it it while in Fan page and business page you will just like it, so that you can see everything about who(Fan page) and what(Business page) is.

I’m still not falling in love with Timeline but as long as they keep the Insights more functional, I’ll keep trying.

It may be helpful to most if you take the tour that is associated with the new timeline pages on Facebook. I like the change after using it for a while. The layout helps to keep your links and shares more visually prominent. Also, the insights can be very helpful in determining if your efforts are producing the desired results.

I don’t have any problem with timeline but still i am not yet get used to it. As we were using the old style for many years, now we don’t have any other way to get back to normal. So hope for the best.

I didn’t have any problem with timeline, because i am using timeline, which new design on facebook, i have seen recently new look on Googleplus

I like Facebook time line specially cover album. I like to change my cover photo once a week.

I think there are some tool that can help you hide your timeline just for what you are seeing but publicly it will be seen as in Timeline. It’s main use is for you to update your Profile like what it is in past.

Here’s the Link:

It only works in Google Chrome. If you wish to see your public timeline again you can easily remove the tool.

Just keep in mind these tools have no impact on people viewing your profile and thus, in the case of a business (remember, this is a business forum), you are simply hurting yourself by not understanding the system your fans / followers / connections use.

Agree Ted, It’s just for those who wants to eliminate their Timeline profile. But then again it’s not publicly Eliminated it’s still Timeline, you are the one who can only see the non-timeline view. And as what Ted says this will not affect anything, only viewing capability.

I’ve been seeing some people who really want to revert back to the old Facebook look. I’ve accepted the fact that the people won’t be seeing that old look anymore after the Timeline update has been completely rolled out, even if I have that Timeline Removal tool you have there. Updates are supposed to be something that one has to get used to over time. I think the people over at Facebook are not expecting everyone to accept Timeline in a blink of an eye, anyway.

Me too! I hate timeline. I am not comfortable using it. I don’t know how to change it to the old one.

You can’t change it back to the old one. Facebook has now rolled it out completely as a standard feature and there is no way to go back to the old version.

Sorry folks, but any more posts about how you “hate” timeline will be deleted from this thread as fluff. If you have something useful to say about timeline, please say it, but grousing about a change isn’t useful.