Facebook timeline sucks

I just updated my facebook profile to timeline and i found that it sucked big time. I mean this is what private investigators look for should they do a background check on you. It makes your open book life in facebook even more open. I dont know if your profile could still be reverted to your old profile since they already officially launched it. Is there any suggestions on a somewhat impossible, possible way i could change it back?

i heard that it’s impossible to change back your profile. But be positive, maybe it’s the best time to leave facebook? :))

facebook timeline rox0rz the big one!!!11

you were given ample warning to reset the privacy of all your old posts to friends only before committing to timeline

now you will simply have to go back to each post and set its privacy separately, if you feel its content is not safe to view by the public

and no, you can never go back, you could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you

yep i really dont like the new timeline feature of facebook i really get dizzy with whats what and there’s a bug that when you view a friends timeline page after it refreshes it goes back up.

Yes it’s possible that you can change the background but it’s a very difficult task to change it. You can change it by the programming.

No possibilities … I don’t like the timeline too

The timeline sucks! It’s really horrible. Not only that, but Facebook is now going overboard with Javascript. I swear just dragging your mouse across the screen by a few pixels causes Javascript to fire.

Facebook killed Myspace largely because it was easy to use and loaded fast. Where Myspace pages could take a minute or longer to load, the stripped-down Facebook profiles would load in seconds.

I don’t see the purpose of the stupid timeline, anyway.

what are you talking about?

The timeline does suck big time yes… But hey, as someone said, just another reason to stop dwelling on FaceBook? I mean, let’s be honest, what a colossal waste of time (time to post on twitter now…) :wink:

Timeline is fine. Just change your settings to make all your old posts friends only and etc http://www.cio.com/article/690742/Facebook_s_New_Timeline_Important_Privacy_Settings_to_Adjust_Now?page=2&taxonomyId=3164

could you please elaborate… give some reasons… express yourself rather than just tossing obloquys…

this isn’t twitter, you know


I had read somewhere that if you didn’t scour your data by a certain date then it could/would be displayed on your timeline. But, I would say that you many not want to be too disheartened about it because if you don’t like that look or that layout or usage it is certain to change in due time. It may even change before Facebook gets around to deciding if it wants to timeline brand pages as well.

It really does. All of my posts are look so messed up and I just wish I never had pressed the timeline button.

First of all, look to the Timeline of your friends…
If it doesn’t suit you, then don’t upgrade your profile to Timeline-mode.
As simple as that :slight_smile:

I haven’t done the upgrade, yet. :slight_smile:

no, it is ~not~ that simple

everyone will be migrated to the timeline within the next few weeks

see https://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=10150408488962131

Yeah! From the very moment I upgraded my facebook into timeline, It was hard on my part. I don’t like the setting and it’s kinda very messy. I have no choice but to deal with it.

Man i hope that there are enough users to not accept timeline as for their profile on facebook. it’s really confusing. i hope the creators wont push through on this.

You really don’t make my day with this post !
:mad: :kaioken:

shoot da messenger :stuck_out_tongue:

How it will be solved?