Facebook VS Facebook timeline

Which one would u prefer Facebook old profile page or Timeline page? and why so?:lol:

Hi malu, welcome to the SP forums.
Why would you want to know that?
And why don’t you start the discussion by telling us which do you prefer, and why?

I think the new time line is looking good for the viewer. it can attracts the people more than old one

nah, i think the old facebook profile is more useful and practical. The new timeline is really confusing and not so user friendly for new users.

The timeline just looking good but there is no privacy. so i prefer old Facebook.

Why? What changes privacy-wise if you activate timeline?

I agree that the timeline is very confusing to me. I took about a three year break from visiting facebook at all. Every time I end up on a page I can’t find what I am looking for if it involves the timeline.

Facebook keeps on changing its interface. I think they’ve gone too far with the timeline. I personally prefer the old profile. Simple and easy. Wish they’d give us that option to choose.

I was one of the first to sign up for Timeline, but haven’t moved over yet. They will have to drag me kicking and screaming because I hate the way it looks. It makes all my friends pages unreadable.

Timeline. Have set it weeks ago and it’s really nice. Love that I can put a great photo in the header and it’s overall better looking than the old style.

easy to answer,I am just used to old looking facebook.

I don’t like timeline because it provides a historical break down of peoples life which could be used in a negative manor. I don’t want people to be able to openly analyze my behavior and personality throughout the cycle of my life. That just seems dangerous though I am certain that Facebook does disclose that information for marketing but openly is a whole other story. I don’t understand how this goes above people heads considering most people disclose enough information on Facebook o write up a psychological profile and timeline makes it that much easier. Maybe I’m just thinking to far into it.

Old is gold…

Old Profile is much better than the new timeline. It is quite simple and easy to use.

I am currently using an old Facebook profile. Though I admit that the Facebook timeline really looks good, but base on my observation every time I go to my friend who is using a timeline, their profile page is taking some foul time to load unlike those who are using the old profile.

I am happy with my old facebook profile…

B’cos i hate the new look and i want to know others idea and suggestion about it…

old is gold theory thats work in social media site. i love timeline of facebook…

i think the old facebook profile is more useful and practical while timeline is very confusing . So old profile is much better and it’s quite simple and easy to use.

I liked the new profile. It allows us to make our profile look more attractive. Also, if you work little bit on your timeline like adding special events then profile becomes your diary with beautiful memories.